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Metal Finish

       Mainly Finish Options include: bright metal finish, antique metal finish, matt finish(froggy), spray painting( any color). They are: gold, silver(nickle), copper, gun black, antique gold, antique silver, antique bronze, antique copper, antique pewter. matt gold, matt silver, etc.
     Antique finishes get the antique effect from hand making. So there isn't a standared look. But it is flexible to get dark or light finish as per your personal request.
      Spray painting is available for any color in pantone codes. For Bright finish, dual plating is available. Usually gold with silver, and surely costs higher.

bright gold

bright silver

bright copper

matt gold

matt nickle

matt copper

gun black& gold 2 tone

gun black& nickle 2 tone

gun black& copper 2 tone

gun black

gold& nickle 2 tone

gold& nickle 2 tone

antique gold dark

antique silver dark

antique copper dark

antique gold light

antique silver light

antique copper light

antique bronze

antique gold/ antique silver

antique gold/silver/copper

metal finish

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